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25 Spring Break Tips

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February 27, 2020

25 Spring Break Tips

Winter is almost gone which means it’s time to start talking about Spring Break! Whether you want to jet off to an exotic destination, relax on a private holiday villa or set up your lounge chair in the sand, use our tried-and-true Spring Break tips to get the most out of your week away!

1. Book Early

The early bird gets the worm (and by worm, we mean trip)! Popular destination like Cyprus book up early, so it’s never too soon to start mapping out your spring break plans.

2. Consider an All-Inclusive

All-inclusive resorts are a great option when traveling as a family, especially for Spring Break. With most meals and activities included, younger travelers will appreciate a bit more independence while mom and dad enjoy a break from pulling out their wallet at every turn.

3. Keep Your Routine

There is no better time to reset and recharge than spring break, but at the end of the week it’s back to reality! Fight the re-entry blues by maintaining your routine as much as possible while you’re away. Your children will easily get back to their early bedtime if they only stay up a little later during the trip.

4. Pack Clothes for Each Day

It may sounds tedious, but in the end it will pay off! When packing for kiddos, pack an outfit for each day in a Ziploc bag. This avoids the stress of choosing an outfit every morning and helps separate dirty clothes from clean ones.

5. Take A Picture

Especially when visiting theme parks! Snap a picture of your child every morning. In the event they get lost, it’ll be easier to remember their outfit and help others identify them.

Spring break6. Think Outside the Beach

While soaking up a little sun will always hold a place in our heart, don’t rule out the less tropical locales. . Do research about your destination that would be a good fit for your family!

7. Purchase Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance! Protect yourself and your spring break fund from trip disruptions, weather delays, or in the event you have to cancel.

8. Be Prepared

Adapters? Check. Required vaccinations? Check. Documentation of absent parent for international travel? Uh.. Do your research to ensure you have all of the proper documentation before hitting the road, especially when traveling internationally or with minors.

Spring break9. Plan for Downtime

While we all want to make the most of our time in a destination, it’s important to leave yourself sometime to unwind. Don’t run yourself ragged and end up in need of a vacation from your vacation.

10. Only Pack the Essentials

You’re just there for a week; don’t spend your time lugging around your suitcase. Pack what you need, and when in doubt leave it out!

11. Check the Weather

Double, triple check the forecast. We all know that Spring weather is nothing if not unpredictable. It’d be a bummer to enjoy 30 degree weather in a 15 degree wardrobe.

Spring break12. Learn Something!

Okay, we’re not saying there needs to be a quiz at the end of your vacay, but it never hurts to pick up a few new words in a different language, even try a new food, or visit a wildlife reserve!

13. Pack an Empty Bag

Whether you use it for souvenirs or dirty clothes, you never know when a little extra storage may come in handy.

14. Always Bring a Swimsuit

Whether you’re heading to the beach, hitting the slopes, or spending time in the big city, Bring. A. Swimsuit. Chances are there is a pool at the hotel or nearby, and swimming can be fantastic for downtime (and getting that never-ending energy out)!

Spring break

15. Be Schedule Savvy

It’s no surprise that spring break is a peak travel season. Talk to your Advisor about booking tours and activities during less crowded times, and avoid spending half of your trip waiting in line.

16. Keep an Emergency Snack Stash

You’re not you when you’re hungry. Pack some snacks in your bags for when you and your family are in dire need of a granola bar.

17. Make a Copy of your Itinerary

Whether it’s a grandparent or neighbor, give someone on the home front a copy of your itinerary or hotel accommodations in case they need to reach you.

18. Unplug

Set your out of office, and step away from social media. Spring break is a short week, so make the most of the time with your family or friends. Hang up and hang out.

Spring break

19. Make Planning a Group Effort

Planning is more fun when each family member feels like they have a say. Try letting everyone choose one group activity they are excited to-do. Teamwork makes the dream work!

20. Keep a Journal

Spring break memories may last forever, but they do fade. Write down the good, the bad, and the funny. You’ll be happy you did, especially when your children are older.

21. Close Up Shop

Make a list to ensure everything is in order before you jet off. Drop of the dog, close the garage, take out the trash, make sure the oven is off, and cross it off the list so you don’t have to second guess yourself later.

22. Take Some Time for YOU

While spring break is the perfect time to spend a little QT as a family, it’s important to take some time for you. Get a massage or go on a date! It’s your vacation too.

Spring break23. Be Flexible

Keep calm and be flexible. You never know what’s around the corner, so keep a less rigid itinerary to allow for the next unexpected meltdown.

24. Leave a Little Wiggle Room

Traveling as a group is always more complicated than traveling in ones and twos. Get to the airport extra early and leave a little cushion in between activities.

25. Fight the Post Trip Blues

Coming back to reality after a fun vacation is tough for everyone. Plan a fun dinner at home (grab a pizza and keep it easy!), and take time to talk about the highs, lows, and uh-ohs of your trip. You can even dream about your next trip!


Cyprus as a Spring break destination is very popular with it’s tasty cuisine, sandy beaches, great hospitality and warm weather in the spring! Find the right villa that suits your needs. Contact us through the form below to choose the right villa for you for your next Spring break.


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