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5 Good Reasons To Visit Paphos

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May 28, 2020

5 Good Reasons To Visit Paphos

Just in case you needed an excuse (or five) to visit Paphos in Cyprus.

1. The Weather

Paphos enjoys a subtropical climate with warm, sunny summers and mild winters. With summer temperatures averaging around 25C and winter temperatures hovering around a pleasant 15C, it’s the perfect place to escape northern Europe’s darker months. Soak up your supply of vitamin D and that all important vitamin sea – you’ll be all the better for it.

2. The Food

Prepare for a rich, indulgent mix of Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine. Top of the must-try list is Halloumi. This slightly rubbery cheese made from goats milk/sheep’s milk is famous around the world – you’ll find it served hot with roast lamb, grilled, or cold with summer salads.

3. The Beaches

Paphos is surrounded by some 27 beaches and 50km of coastline. Take your pick from white sandy beaches, secret coves and rocky shores. Whether you’re planning to simply sunbathe or get active with some snorkelling or other watersports, Paphos is your perfect paradise.

4. The Ancient Sites

Myths and legends abound in Paphos – not only is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, but it’s also home to a number of important archaeological sites and attractions including the Tombs of the Kings, Kykkos Monastery, Paphos Castle, Larnaca Salt Lake and the picturesque Old Town.

5. It’s the Gateway to the Middle East

Spend a few days lolling around the beaches of Paphos, explore the old town and tuck into delicious mezze before planning an action-packed adventure to Jordan (fly to Amman), Israel (fly to Tel Aviv)  or Lebanon (fly to Beirut).


Cyprus is very popular with it’s tasty cuisine, sandy beaches, great hospitality and warm weather. Find the right villa that suits your needs. Contact us through the form below to choose the right villa for you for your next  break.


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