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The Top 5 Things You Get When Renting A Cyprus Villa

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July 17, 2020

The Top 5 Things You Get When Renting A Cyprus Villa

The top 5 things you get when renting a Boutique Cyprus Villa.

You’ve seen the stunning pics of the hilltop towns, never-ending vineyards and green Miliou hills, but still not sure you should stay off the beach. Read on and learn how our cozy villas in the heart of Cyprus will bring you all the comfort of a contemporary lifestyle in a relaxed and private setting.

  1. More space

Villas located in the heart of  Cyprus  are significantly larger than apartments or hotels on the beach, giving guests lots of space (closet space!) and areas to move around in. You get spacious kitchen-and-living areas, outside terraces with generous dining and seating, plenty of facilities and a private pool. Cyprus villa

2. Peaceful and private surroundings

As most villas are set in the countryside near or in small towns, you can count on complete privacy and tranquil surroundings with panoramic views of the green and lush landscape.


  1. Truly local delicacies

Within the various regions, each town or village has its own unique way and preference when it comes to food and wine. The  offerings  are endless, and are sure to spoil you with many varieties of local pasta, stews, meats and desserts that you won’t find at the tourist spots on the beach.

Cyprus villa

4. Authentic interactions

Most likely, any people you interact with while staying at a villa in Cyprus, is a local from one of the surrounding towns. They often have great recommendations and information you wouldn’t get elsewhere. This is a perfect opportunity to explore the landscape, local eateries, cafes and bars and get to know your local neighbors and business owners.


  1. The beach is just a short drive away!

Lots of villas in the  have facilities like jacuzzi and sauna, but there is no reason to stay away from the ocean. Any home in Boutique Cyprus villas is no more than a 30-minute drive to the sea and beach.

Cyprus villa

Driving around

We do recommend that you rent a car while you explore Cyprus. It’s not only going to enable you to make the most of your time here – but driving in Cyprus is going to be a big part of your enjoyment. There are some beautiful journeys to take, along roads that go along stunning landscapes. The drive to your destination is oftentimes as enjoyable as the destination itself. Having a car at your disposal also saves you money on taxis and guides, plus you are free to set your own schedule.


Rental Car Discount

Guests of  Boutique Cyprus Villa enjoy benefits like discounted rental car rate and special offers.


Thinking of renting Cyprus villa?


Did you know we’ve selected the best villas in Cyprus? Compatible prices guaranteed. Choose your villa   or  send us an online non-binding inquiry today! If there is something you want to experience in Cyprus that you cannot find on this site, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.



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