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Winter Sun Holiday Destinations In Europe

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December 12, 2019

Winter Sun Holiday Destinations In Europe

Looking to escape the cold and start 2020 with a delightful winter sun holiday in a warm destination? Here are 5 sunny winter sun holiday destinations in Europe, that are sure to melt away the winter blues and get you rolling into spring, without breaking the bank.Winter Sun Destinantion

1. Canary Islands, Spain

Low travel costs and pleasantly warm year-round weather make Spain’s Canary Islands one of Europe’s best winter sun holiday destinations. Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote – they’re all brimming with culture, beautiful beaches, and lots of things to do.

If you’re looking for a tranquil getaway, coupled with unspoiled landscapes and unique traditions, you might want to consider the archipelago’s lesser-known islands of El Hierro and La Gomera.

There’s no better time to take a trip than today, so why not take advantage of the low travel cost and exciting holiday packages on the market and go get your dose of Vitamin D while seeing some of Europe’s best-kept historical and cultural treasures awash in warm temperatures and glorious sunshine.

2. Cyprus

With balmy winter temperatures hovering around 20°C, Cyprus is an excellent choice for a winter sun holiday break filled with culture, history, and mouthwatering food.

Located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, this fascinating island country has everything from wonderful beaches and spectacular nature parks to fabulous archaeological sites. The country’s capital, Nicosia (Lefkosia in Greek) has some of the best museums and restaurants; Paphos abounds in beaches and archaeological treasures; and Limassol is famous for its lively nightlife.Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

3. Madeira, Portugal

At 1,000 miles from mainland Portugal, Madeira is one of Europe’s most remote and exotic islands. And although there is always a risk of some rain in winter, its lush green landscapes, vibrant tropical gardens, and dramatic coast are reason enough to visit at any time of the year. The sun is shining about 6 hours a day, but at temperatures of 18 – 20°C, the weather is perfect for golf, walking, and sightseeing.

Functional, the island’s picturesque capital, has a lot to offer its visitors, from beautiful colonial architecture to a thriving nightlife.

4. Malta

Home to 9 UNESCO Heritage World Heritage Sites, Malta is an ideal destination for a winter sun escape with a cultural twist. During winter, it hardly rains and temperatures rarely drop below 15 °C, making it very pleasant to be outside all day long strolling the sunny streets of Valletta or exploring the untouched countryside. An alluring mix of natural harbors, pretty fishing villages, rocky coves, and towering cliffs, Malta’s lovely coastline is a delight to discover no matter the season.

Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

5. Sicily, Italy

Winter in Sicily means fewer crowds, bright blue skies, and almond trees in full bloom. It also means you’ll have the island’s stunning Baroque towns and extraordinary archaeological sites all to yourself and that you’ll be able to ski on Mount Etna, indulge in delicious cuisine, and enjoy beautiful Taormina at its most relaxed.


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